3 Ways Ratings and Reviews Can Boost App Downloads

3 Ways Ratings and Reviews Can Boost App Downloads

When some people think of App Store Optimization (ASO), the first thought may be to improve visual assets like the icon or screenshots or to focus on keyword optimization. What may get overlooked is the impact of app ratings and reviews on ASO. These public evaluations factor into app rank, a critical factor in exposing […]

Boosting Your Popularity Online

Internet users have different reasons for wanting to be popular. Some of them do song covers in the hope of being 'discovered' by a big company and sign-up a huge contract that can start their music career all over the world. Though, some people just want to simply want to share their passion and search for other people who have the same interest.

Nowadays, people can easily get famous on the internet by using photos or videos. If your post becomes viral, then the media will notice it and it might get featured in the news. If you have excellent photography skills, you should consider sharing it using your Instagram account. This social media site is famous for users that share high-quality and beautiful photographs. If your post is interesting enough, you will surely gain many instagram followers. You can also connect it to your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr account.

Good reviews are important to any business, but for those with a mobile app, they are paramount. People tend to think of ratings and reviews as a democratized black box of public opinion. The reality is that there are many steps you can take to turn reviews into an advantage rather than a punishment. When and how you ask for feedback has a huge impact on the quality of that feedback. One way to generate more positive reviews is to locate the “key mobile moments”. Key mobile moments occur when you know people are most likely to be having a positive experience with your app. Also, if other people saw the positive feedback, they will tend to look into the app which can generate more income for the makers. But if you want to know about running shoes look into this. More information about the best running shoes for men?

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